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Lake Life is the Best Life

July 26, 2022
Hooper Dew lake house 1937

As we're heading into the Dog Days of Summer, the calendar holds daily reminders that we should be at the lake! Because, really - any day at the lake is better than a day just about anywhere else!

This is photo shows our family lake house in Wisconsin. The man in front is Charles Lenske, my great-grandfather and Chicago architect, enjoying a hot day in the water in 1937. I swam in that very same water a just a few days ago.

I am so very lucky that my children are the 6th generation of our family to enjoy this lake, this water, our peace, our home away from home, and we have Charles to thank. He purchased this property as a summer home for the family, a respite from city life, and passed it down for generations.

If you, like Charles did, value the importance of weekends, summers, time away, relaxation, and quality-time making memories with your family, and want a home to share with future generations, we'd love to help you design your Lake Legacy Home™.

Using our Lake Whisperer™ program we combine the language of the lake with the essence of your family to create an authentic Lake Legacy Home™ your family will enjoy for 100+ years.

Imagine your Legacy:

  • Cherished property at your water
  • Heart and soul of family memories
  • Loved for generations

Bring your dream to life:

  • Enhance an historic lake cottage
  • Convert summer home to year-round living
  • Design a new custom lake home

You and your family are exceptional; we celebrate that. We walk with you hand-in-hand through the complex design and construction process, resulting in the Lake Legacy Home™ your family deserves.